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Hello, I am Kid Crezy. I make pipe cleaner art. I love to making these figures. And I loving seeing you guys enjoy them. I do take requests. I might not make every character, but I will do what I can. If you got requests, I'd love to hear them. :)


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Kid-Crezy926's News

Posted by Kid-Crezy926 - 7 days ago

Hello everyone, it's Kid-Crezy and I would like to ask you guys something. As some of you know, I have been working on a lot of Madness related pipe cleaner creations. but the cast wouldn't be complete without the amazing Sanford and Deimos, and obviously a lot of other characters but I will get to them later. I want to make both Sanford and Deimos, but I can only make 1 of the 2 right now due to a lack of colors. But I have to make one of them. So please tell me, would you rather see Sanford or Deimos as a pipe cleaner. Venom is also an option but I don't think anyone wants to see make that. So let me know soon. Note for my fans, I know I haven't made any of the requested characters yet, I am sorry. I ran out of colors and supplies. But I will get to them soon, I will be buying more colors soon. And the first requested character I will be making is Plastic Man. Well, as always, have a fantastic day!!!


Posted by Kid-Crezy926 - 2 weeks ago

Hey everyone, this is Kid-Crezy. I just want to bring the indie game company, Puppet Combo, to everyone's attention. Puppet Combo is an indie horror game developer that makes horror games in old ps1 style. They are really cool and they have really cool games. Well, one of their golden games, Nun Massacre, has just hit mobile on all devices, I think all devices. So I recommend you check it out and support Puppet Combo. Have a great day everyone, and enjoy the game if you get it.



Posted by Kid-Crezy926 - 2 weeks ago

Hey everyone, it's Kid-Crezy and I want to ask you guys a question. Out of all my art creations, which is your favorite one I have made. I ask this so I can give more creations in that style you appreciate. Maybe I can make more characters from the series of your character of choice. Asking this helps me to improve my creations. Also, for my fans, could you tell me which creation from my creation list updates you want to see the most. I know some of you are waiting for me to make the Castle Crashers pipe cleaner. All my creation updates are on my news. And lastly, if you want, I would gladly appreciate your criticism. What I can change, what I can do more, how I can improve. All of your criticism helps me improve me work. I would really appreciate your thoughts. Thank you for your time, have a fantastic day


Posted by Kid-Crezy926 - 1 month ago

Hello everyone, it's Kid-Crazy with some news for my fans and anyone who cares. So, I know that in most of my updates, I have said I would post quite a bit on Madness Day. Well, that obviously didn't happen. My PC at home crashed, and I went to see some friends over the weekend. So yesterday, I got just a simple chromebook. So now I am back, but I have lost all of my photos. So each day, starting today, I will post one picture of a Madness creation that I didn't post on Madness day. I heard Madness day wasn't really special, just a few things. They didn't even post the week 8 update for fnf like I thought they said they were going to do. So I guess I didn't miss much. Well, I hope you all have a fantastic day!!!


Posted by Kid-Crezy926 - 1 month ago

Hey everyone, tomorrow is the day. September 22nd is Madness Combat day!!! I am super hyped, I love Madness day. I heard there is a quite a bit happening tomorrow. Supposedly, for you Friday Night Funkin fans, week 8 might be coming out tomorrow. I don't know for sure though, I have heard many rumors. I heard they were actually coming out with 2 weeks at once, being Cassette Girl and Hank, but I also heard they were working on 2 "levels". I am assuming they either mean weeks or songs. But I am pretty positive that something FNF related is coming out tomorrow. Not to mention all the fnf madness mods. Well, I am pretty excited. Also, I will be posting a lot Madness related art posts tomorrow and these next few weeks. Well, I hope everyone have a fantastic Madness Day!!!!


Posted by Kid-Crezy926 - September 16th, 2021

Hey everyone, its Kid-Crezy with another update for anyone who cares. I keep saying creations are going to come out on certain dates and they never come out. I feel really bad for giving everyone false hope, if that's what you want to call it. So I have decided I will make less creation updates. I will still make updates, but no where near as frequent. I hope that works out.

Here are some updates on some creations.

The AGOTI and Sonic pipe cleaners are cancelled. Though FrogMaster or DominaterVirus might make them, I don't know. Also, the Eddsworld gang creations might be cancelled too. If not cancelled, then really delayed. The requested characters are being super delayed now, sorry. The Madness Combat creations are ready, just waitin till Madness day.

That is really all I have to say right now, sorry for cancelling so many projects. It's kinda hard to make creations after making them for 6 years straight. It gets to that point to were it is still fun, but tedious and time consuming. I lack inspiration to make a lot of characters. The time to do fun things is slipping through my grasp. It sucks, adulthood sucks. I hope you guys understand why I am cancelling these creations and making less updates. I hope you have a fantastic day everyone!!!

Posted by Kid-Crezy926 - September 13th, 2021

Hello everyone. It's Kid-Crezy the pipe cleaner kid. So, recently I made the sussy impostor from Among Us. But I want to give him a hat from the game. So in the comments, tell me what hat my sussy boi should wear as a hat. Which ever hat has the most votes, will be the hat my Impostor wears.


Thank you, have a fantastic day!!!


Posted by Kid-Crezy926 - September 4th, 2021

Hello everyone. It's Kid-Crezy with another creation update for my fans and anyone else who may be interested. A lot has been going on lately in my life. I will be making creations a lot slower, but I will do what I can. So creations may be cancelled or really delayed. Like, REALLY DELAYED. Here is the list below, I tried making it as accurate as I could:

Phazon suit Samus/ Dark Samus- October

A.G.O.T.I./ Sonic/ Cassandra/ Mavericks- Possibly cancelled (more then likely delayed)

CC knights/ Piconjo/ Vile mk 2- Possibly September

Mecha Sonic/ Skelator/ Plastic Man/ BMO/ ATHF/ Draco- Unknown

Sorry about all the delays and the constant changes, I do what I can. I do have some other creations in dev that I hope to post soon. I will also be posting another creation update soon. Until then, have a great day. Happy Labor day everyone, have a good one.


Posted by Kid-Crezy926 - August 18th, 2021

Hello everyone. It's Kid-Crazy the pipe cleaner kid. Here is just another update on my upcoming creations for my fans and anyone else who cares.

Phazon suit Samus/Dark Samus-October

Eddsworld gang/ A.G.O.T.I./ Eteled/ Vile mk 2- August

CC Knights/ Cassandra/ Piconjo/ Sonic- September

Mecha Sonic/ Skeletor/ Mavericks/ Plastic Man/ BMO/ Aqua Teen Hunger Force/ Draco-Unknown

The list keeps changing, I know and I am sorry about that. Stuff is always changing. And Lord Tricky has been canceled or delayed. He was close to completion, but I lost his body. So I won't remake for some time. I think you all will be satisfied for what I have in stock for Madness Day.

NOTE: If you want me to add another character to the list, I will do so. So let me know who you want to see me make in the comment section. Or you could request the character through my NG account. I hope you all have a fantastic day!!! :)


Posted by Kid-Crezy926 - August 15th, 2021

Hello again everyone. It's Kid Crezy, the pipe cleaner kid. I just want to say that I will be buying more pipe cleaner colors soon. And I would like to know what you guys ant to see me make so I know to get those colors.. So I am taking another list of creation requests. So let me know who you'd like to see me make as a pipe cleaner creation

NOTE: Do not be offended if I do not make the character you request, it is nothing against you. Some characters are too challenging to make. Sometimes too expensive. Or I don't have enough time. So please, do not get upset if I don't make the character you request. But, I will do what I can

Thank you, have an awesome day!!! : D